Friends and clients ask me the question “Are you taking vacation this summer?”


We just ended a 5 day vacation over July 4th. The travel was quick and easy, no delays, the hardest part was to continue to remind myself that I had arrived.


The environment was super comfortable, relaxing, homey, familiar. The challenge was to be in it with a ‘vacation state of mind.’ Permission to play is an ongoing exercise for me to engage in.


The vacation activities were a mixture of party, celebration, hosting, and then a great deal of lounging by the pool. So what was hard about my vacation? Continuing to check in with myself as to what was the next activity or non-activity that I wanted to do? Allowing myself to literally read and float the day away. Finding the right book that created an escape and held my interest. Balancing a mixture of engagement with others and engagement with self. And being OKAY with it all.


The activity of kayaking was just out the backdoor and a short walk to the river. Being in my kayak in the river I recognize it is an instant portal for me into BEING. The banks of the river supply a lush green dense wall of nature. I feel like I’m being held by all that is, and any thoughts of worry, what’s next, to do lists, are completely void in this space. I allow myself to truly be and listen when I’m in the flow of the current.


The end of a great vacation can sometimes be met with sadness because it is over. However, for me it was met with great anticipation to get back to the work that I love. I felt renewed and excited to do the work I love and share the energy of my nurtured soul.


Where was this magical place?  Primarily it was a mindset vs. a location. It was a planned and well executed staycation in the comfort of our home. Am I going on vacation this summer? Yep every day that I can move my attitude into a ‘vacation state of mind’ right here in my own back yard. You can do the same. 


Play with claiming time to be and do whatever you choose in an environment that feeds your soul.


Tips on turning on a vacation state of mind:

1. Schedule playtime/downtime/no electronics time.

2. Create a TO WANT list vs. the ongoing TO DO list.

3. Follow your heart when deciding what to do or where to go.  Ask yourself “What do I feel like doing?” Let go of making everyone else happy, because you can’t make other’s happy. You can only impact yourself.  And when you are happy others around you will feel it, the presence of your joy and the happiness is contagious.

4. When you provide for yourself and your needs it gives others permission to provide for themselves. (I strongly recommend that you play with this concept, try it on, experience the ease and resistance to implementing this powerful concept.)

5. Be aware of what activities increase your energy and what activities drain you.  Here’s an example: We were given two free Summerfest tickets. I sort of wanted to go and experience Summerfest because it has been years since I’ve gone, however the thought of being in the crowds and so much activity felt like a drain. We chose not to go. 


May you find joy in the summer sun, laughter with loved ones, satisfaction with quiet and downtime. And the ability to create a vacation state of mind whenever you choose.


Susie Raymond
Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician,
Breath work Teacher


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