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Personal Leadership Mastery

Personal Leadership Mastery Course is a transformational experience. Wherever you are on your path of learning about your own power and wisdom this opportunity will create expansion.

The concepts in this class are based on mindfulness concepts, inspired ideas and consistently proven success stories. They provide a framework of understanding and ‘how to’ strategies for confident self-navigation and personal leadership. They have been taught to thousands of people over the past ten-plus years and are nationally acclaimed to provide consistent sustainable results.

The course is the first step if you have a calling to become a Certified Life Coach. This information can be and should be used in all of your relationships;  relationship with self, others, family, professional, and the divine. The result will be living a life with more joy and zest! 

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Concepts presented: Energy Bubble, Boundaries, Passion-attracting your desire, Forgiveness, Navigating Challenging Relationships, Understanding the power in all your Emotions and the gifts they offer.
Dates: 6 weeks beginning Thursday 1/23/20 – 2/27/20 Time: 6-8 pm
Location: White Sage Spa
Price: $499
Bonus coaching: Two 30 minute 1:1 Catalyst Coaching sessions
Complete PlayBook loaded with TOOLS to be used over and over
Ongoing support w/ monthly POW WOW Certified Inner Focus students to support one another (addl fee).
Degree:  Certified Inner Focus
Results: Empowering yourself to live your best life

Chakras~Emotions~Archetypes Class

7 weeks to Expand your Energy

Learn Experience Grow

Is 2020 your year for deeper self-inquiry and learning the empowered messages of your emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a rut? 

Join this dynamic seven week workshop where you will learn, balance, and transform your own beliefs through the knowledge and language of the emotions tied to each chakra and the archetypes.

Learn the anatomy of the energetic body. Increase your ability to sense and feel your intuition and how your emotions are guiding you towards empowerment and joy vs. fear and lack.

We will review each chakra, and the imbalanced and balanced archetype of each center. Archetypes relate to our unconscious habits/beliefs and roles. When we look at our own habits through the lens of these archetypes it increases our awareness and ability to witness ourselves and create lasting changes.

I will share my knowledge from many areas of study to include; anatomy of your energy body from Yogic and Reiki texts, emotional empowerment tool from Life Coaching, concepts and beliefs from the Native American shamans, and archetypes developed in western psychology to explain the human psyche. This will be an individual journey for you to experience in a safe group setting.

This will be a dynamic group that will facilitate knowledge, understanding, and transformation through experiential exercises, group coaching, and group story-telling.

Limited space is still available, please e-mail me at to register.

Tuition: $299 Complete manual will be included along with a 1:1 Reiki Chakra balancing session w/Susie ($105 value)

Dates: Wednesday from 6-8 pm 2/12, 2/19, 2/26 (no class 3/4), 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, (no class 4/1) 4/8/2020

Laws of the Spirit: A transformational journey

A six week group education and coaching opportunity where you will learn how to integrate universal laws to generate more joy, purpose and abundance in your life, and relationships. The universe operates according to spiritual laws, as real as the law of gravity.  Come explore and experience these laws as you personally apply them to your desires for improvement in all areas: health, wealth, love.  Be ready to go spelunking with Susie through experiential exercises, unearthing limiting beliefs which are keeping you stuck where you are, learning new strategies allowing you to climb and reach your heart’s desire.

Exchange $249. If you have an interest please e-mail me at to inquire on next teaching date.

Space is limited please e-mail me at to reserve your place.


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