Magical Monday’s from Susie

Having Monday as one of my day’s off for about 20 years, I have a different perspective about Monday than most people who work a Monday-Friday job. I want to share with you the gifts of my Magical Monday and invite you find the gifts in your open time. If you work a traditional work week maybe you create a Super Saturday or Spiritual Sunday.

It is funny how we can shift our perspective on a ‘day’ of the week based on what it means to us. I’ve had Monday off for years; however, it has taken me years to really embrace the ‘day off’ and make it magical. For many years I was stuck (and I still get stuck) in the DOING of my life and since Monday is a ‘work’ day for many then I should fill it with responsibilities and WORK.

I was reflecting Monday, as I floated down the Milwaukee River in my kayak on my ability to BE. What does BEING mean to me? Completely content in my surroundings, my senses hyper sensitive to all the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of nature. Noticing that my mind is relatively quiet and calm, there is space between each thought. Then the question came to me “How have I achieved or nurtured this state of mind?”

The answer: PERMISSION. We are creatures of habit. Become aware of your habits of thought and action. If you don’t like something in your life you are the only one that can give yourself permission to change it.

Turning my Mundane Monday’s into Magical Monday’s is a simple example of noticing what I notice within my thoughts and what I observe in the outside world. And choosing or giving myself permission to change it.

The lessons I received on the river were observing how well nature does BEING and allowing myself (permission again) to see it, feel it and integrate it into my cells. I had many wise teachers along the way. The first a large turtle sunning on a log (I don’t think it was wearing sunscreen). A beautiful Doe drinking water in the middle of the river and allowing me to pass by her without fleeing for safety. I believe this was because I was in a “BEING energy” and the doe sensed it. I even was intrigued with the spaghetti-like flora/seaweed gently moving in the current of the water and creating beautiful underwater art teaching me to NOTICE letting go into the flow.

I witnessed a majestic bald eagle protecting his/her nest and then taking flight, encouraging me to share my thoughts through writing. In this state-of-being I received a re-balancing within my body and the urge to share this wisdom with each of you. The gift that we have as humans is our ability to consciously become aware of our habits and have the courage to give ourselves permission to do it differently.

How do you give yourself permission? When do you give yourself permission? Are you constantly setting up ‘IF/THEN’ scenarios. If I get “X” done then I can give myself “Y”. Notice what you do and shift a pattern. Then notice what it feels like. Initially when you change a pattern or way of doing things it will feel uncomfortable. It’s okay it is the human mind, or ego wanting you to stay comfortable in the way you have always done things. Notice what feels right or good or calming or healing or simply NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE without the judgment of the SHOULD.

How do you shift from DOING to BEING?

-Susie Raymond
Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician,
Breath work Teacher


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