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Enjoy A Relaxing Vacation And These Top Things To Do In Milwaukee Wisconsin

Milwaukee is quite a large city, and there are tons of things to do there. Brew City is home to Miller Park, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and over 180 attractions. The City of Festivals is known as Brew City and Beer City for a reason. As you get ready to visit this city full of some of the best breweries, let me tell you about some of the top attractions you will find there.

You have heard of Pabst Beer, right? It is time to take a look at Pabst Mansion, which is located on West Wisconsin Avenue. The architecture is fantastic, and this historical mansion also has its original furnishings. There is a gift shop on site, and many reviewers have said that this estate is a must see when visiting the city of Milwaukee.

You know you can’t pass up the Harley Davidson Museum. Can you picture in your head what all you might end up seeing there? The Harley Davidson Museum is also a must see in Milwaukee, and you will find it on West Canal Street. There are said to be some unusual pieces there, and you have another opportunity to visit a gift shop to get those souvenirs. There is even an on-site restaurant.

Great Lakes Distillery is located on West Virginia Street, and it is another top attraction in Milwaukee WI. Enjoy a Moscow Mule, and take the informative tour. A gift shop isn’t mentioned in the review highlights this time, but you know that there has to be a chance to commemorate your visit to the Great Lakes Distillery.

Estabrook Beer Garden is located on Estabrook Parkway, and one person talks about enjoying a fish fry there. People mention disc golf, a dog park, a polka band, baseball diamond, the Milwaukee River and enjoying picnics at the park. It sounds like a place to relax and enjoy all kinds of activities. Does Estabrook Beer Garden sound like a plan to you?

Beer City welcomes you to enjoy these four places of interest and much more. As you make your way around Milwaukee, you will find much more things to do that you don’t want to pass up. Get in as much fun as you can while you are there, but take your time, too. The Harley Davidson Museum has quite a lot to see, and you want to have a relaxing vacation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.