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Historical Places In Milwaukee That You Should Visit

Historical Places In Milwaukee That You Should Visit

Visiting historical places in large cities can be a very fun-filled event. You may never get to see many of these locations unless you take a tour. The other way that you can visit them is to know where to go. If you can make a list of these destinations, you can drive there, or merely have a taxi or Uber driver take you where you need to go. Here are some of the top destinations that people like to visit in Milwaukee, historical places that you need to see.

The Bronze Fonz

One of the more popular attractions in Milwaukee is one that is commemorating a television show in the 1970s called Happy Days. It started many well-known actors including Henry Winkler who played the Fonz. There is a statue made of bronze of Henry Winkler in his most recognizable attire for the show. From there, you should head over to the Basilica of St. Josaphat to see you one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Basilica of St. Josaphat

This is an architectural wonder, one that looks very similar to many of the dome-shaped buildings that you will see around the world today. It is in some way mimicking state capital buildings, but it has its unique style. It is a towering structure, one that is beautiful on the inside as well as outside. A great place to take pictures, and once you are done their head over to Pabst Mansion.

Pabst Mansion

Another place that you want to visit is called Pabst Mansion. It is a beautiful mansion, large and iconic in design. It is a lovely home that is right in the middle of Milwaukee. It is a place that you can take a tour of, and once you get inside, you will be amazed at how beautiful it is. Even though the urban surroundings seem to mask it, once you arrive, it will be like you were taken back in time. It is one of those destinations in Milwaukee that will be the most memorable because it’s out of place, and also very beautiful to see when you are there in person.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you are going to visit some of the historical places in the city. It’s a way of understanding how the city came to be. Milwaukee is a beautiful place, with many modern attractions, but the iconic historical ones are the ones that you should consider visiting. If you have a little bit of time to spend there, definitely go to these destinations, as well as many of the others that are there. There are tours that you can take that will take you to the most iconic historical locations throughout the city, allowing you to see as many of them as possible.