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Nurture your Dreams – White Sage Spa

Nurture your Dreams Curious about reducing self-doubt, anxiety and stress? Read on!  I’m illustrating the Seven Steps of Positive Change ™ - The Natural Learning Process in a series of blogs. I have integrated these steps into my life over the past ten years. If you...

Learning to Cultivate Inner Calm – White Sage Spa

Learning to Cultivate Inner Calm A client said to me recently “Oh, you are always so Zen, I’m sure you were just born that way.” I replied “Oh no, I have cultivated this attitude of calm, I’m actually quite firey by nature.” I appreciated her bringing this to my...

Staycation – White Sage Spa

Friends and clients ask me the question “Are you taking vacation this summer?”   We just ended a 5 day vacation over July 4th. The travel was quick and easy, no delays, the hardest part was to continue to remind myself that I had arrived.   The environment...

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