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Not Feeling Enough?

Not Feeling Enough? Why do so many of us walk around feeling deep down that we are not good enough? I’m passionate about witnessing human behavior within others and myself; I see how deeply people just want to be seen.  I have so many opportunities to see my clients...

What Reiki has taught me

What Reiki has taught me I love this season of miracles. Watching the earth move from dormancy into new beginnings of spring. I gaze outside and see the brown, desolate earth, the trees without any leaves, the gardens empty of flowers; however, the knowing of what is...

Health Benefits Of Yoga

Health Benefits Of Yoga Most yogis will tell you that they could never hang up their yoga mat, and with good reason. The ancient practice known as yoga delivers a multitude of physical and emotional benefits, no matter the age or fitness level of the person practicing...

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