Unified Body Method is a restorative conscious practice which teaches you to connect, feel and sense your body and mind. In many of our daily movements we are unconscious – we drive, walk, or live from point A to point B without really thinking about HOW we are moving, thinking, or being. Unified Body Method teaches you to listen to your body/mind/breath, bringing consciousness into your daily activities.

Unified Body Method teaches the essence of moving from conflict or pain into moving naturally with freedom. Through guided sensory awareness you will experience sensations in the body and mind that have been waiting to be felt. When you pay attention to a sensation, thought or pattern, you have the awareness to change, expand, or shift it into a neutral and balanced state of being.

If you have practiced Tai Chi you will find similar concepts within Unified Body Method. Working with the laws of gravity and nature, your body will be supported in a lying down position for most movement sequences. When the body is lying horizontally, gravity can be felt at an exaggerated level, helping you to recognize holding patterns and release these patterns naturally. All movements are done with an awareness of how the body, breath and mind impact one another.

In these one-hour classes you will learn:

  • To listen to your body/mind/breath
  • Breathing methods to soothe anxiety and stress, resulting in a quieter mind.
  • To move your body with ease and fluidity, which naturally improves flexibility and balance, releasing chronic muscle tension and fatigue.
  • New cross patterning sequences, which will improve your memory, creativity and problem solving capacity.

Unified Body Method is a safe and gentle practice. The one-hour classes are enjoyed by anyone at any age looking for a rejuvenating way to restore pain-free movement in the body. Practice listening to the mind and developing new thoughts and patterns to serve you in all aspects of your life. Experience an hour of connecting with your mind and body, and your spirit will soar in ways that you didn’t realize were possible!

Winter Class Schedule:  Currently no classes are available.  If interested please contact susie@whitesagespa.com
Props are available at the studio, however, feel free to bring your own yoga mat and blanket. Wear comfortable loose clothing.


Unified Body Method yoga is a saving grace. The gentle guided movement helps ease my pain and stiffness; I always come away more relaxed and feeling better on many levels.
— Julie

The unified body method has taught me about centering and relaxation. Just lying in constructive rest allows me to pay attention to my breathing and how my body feels. This position becomes familiar and comfortable allowing me to relax and clear my mind. From this position the UBM has movements that work your body (seems without much effort) but the concentration of the movement and the technique loosens the tightness and lengthens the muscles. I feel refreshed afterwards and enlightened. The ease of learning this method provides me with the knowledge to proceed on my own as needed throughout the week. I look forward to the class to expand my knowledge and range of movements.
— Melanie