There are many out there who claim to provide Reiki treatments- but let me tell you that Susie at White Sage is the real deal! I was moved by the experience and honored to be the recipient of her gifts!
— Nicole Prohuska, Wed, May 4, 2016
Susie at White Sage Spa, is a kind, gentle and intuitive teacher and Reiki practitioner. During a Reiki session, I felt safe enough to be able to feel my sadness and have a good cry. Susie guided me through my emotion and helped me get to solid ground on the other side. Later on, she proved to be an excellent Reiki Master teacher and helped me grow confident with some new material. I highly recommend Susie and White Sage Spa.
— Elizabeth CasperRolfs, Fri, May 13, 2016
White Sage Spa is a wonderful oasis close to home. Susie Raymond is an incredible healer and teacher. I have had the pleasure of receiving reiki from Susie on several occasions and becoming a reiki master with her instruction. Susie is a warm, open, and accepting person who has a passion for healing and teaching. She has created a peaceful, loving environment that soothes the soul even before the session begins. Her healing and instruction have helped me to change my life in many ways and to share the healing with others. She is truly changing the world, one person at a time!
— Terri H, Whitefish Bay
Susie is an amazing Reiki master who always works with me at the start of a session to uncover the purpose and need of the visit for both my body and spirit. Her calming energy and the relaxing space of the spa ease away all my tensions and I am able to unwind and focus on my inner self and spiritual growth. I always leave centered, re-energized, and feeling pampered. I would highly recommend those who are new to Reiki or those who are already Reiki practitioners, like myself, to work with Susie. She will help you find a new level of spiritual growth and inner relaxation!
— Michelle
Loved the reiki energy, I’ve never experienced this level of relaxation through any other modality. It was great. I will definitely buy a series of 3 services and do this on a regular basis. Thanks.

I want to tell you Susie what a beautiful experience it was to be attuned by you at your peaceful spa.I loved listening to your calm voice.
— Becky