Raindrop Therapy | 60 min $105 (Purchase a series of 3 for $285)

Raindrop Therapy was developed by the Lakota Indians and was designed to bring the body into balance, help align the energy centers of the body and release blockages. Drops of organic essential oil fall like rain onto the back and soles of the feet. After each new oil is applied, it is smoothed and fanned over the spinal column.  This service focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, and feet.  

The combination of Raindrop techniques, acupressure and massage, makes this a powerful healing therapy, allowing the physical system to achieve a deep state of relaxation, thus enabling one to find inner peace where healing can occur. Oils may continue to heal the body for five to seven days beyond the treatment. 

Add on Reiki for a total mind, body, spirit experience.  Additional $20

Reflexology | 30 min $42
Acupressure massage working on the soles of the feet to help balance the body by stimulating pressure points to release areas of imbalance within the body.

My fiance and I have high stress professions and a handful of family challenges that have presented us with much stress to our lives. Susie Raymond’s “raindrop therapy” washed away the stress in a fascinating, exciting and completely different way from traditional massages we had experienced. I would recommend to everyone to try this Native American technique if you want to feel relieved of that which controls you. Walk away from White Sage Spa at ease with the world, experiencing a feeling of contentment with your life and appreciation for all of life’s gifts.
— Glenn