Susie Raymond, Entrepreneur and Holistic Practitioner since 1999

Catalyst life coaching is a process where you learn to understand and feel your emotions as a gift that allows you to change, grow, and learn to create a life that you desire. You will gain insight into the powerful and positive messages from your emotions. All emotions, even the ones that you perceive to be “bad” i.e. anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, jealousy offer wisdom. Allow me to help you see the gifts that lay hidden beneath your beliefs in a peaceful, supportive, and nurturing environment. Through the coaching process you will understand the revelation of your emotions and how to navigate your life to a place of empowerment and joy.  

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Ultimately, my mission is to teach you to coach yourself. Yes, I want to coach you so that you no longer need me, because the power is within you. I will guide you to listen to your emotions and embrace your empowered self.  I will support you in practicing new habits and patterns, which create a catalyst of change, moving you along the path to feeling more joy, freedom, and ease. Your vision of an empowered life creates our coaching roadmap. Start actively taking steps towards where you truly desire. 

As your Coach I will guide you to:

  • Understand the messages in your emotions
  • Feel, heal, and listen to your inner child
  • Discover and connect to your purpose
  • Navigate road blocks & challenges from an empowered place
  • Learn new patterns of thinking/moving/breathing
  • Create self care practices

As a Catalyst Life Coach, I will provide:

  • A safe confidential environment
  • Guidance with fierce honesty
  • Support without judgment
  • Powerful questions to unlock your gifts
  • Acknowledgment and celebration of your action steps
  • Pure Reiki energy of unconditional love and light

Expectations of Client:

  • Desire & intention
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Openness to receive

Are you ready to:

  • Commit to yourself?
  • Release old patterns through Catalyst Life Coaching?
  • Discover tools to create new desires and patterns?
  • Understand the gifts in all your emotions?
  • Attract more of what you desire?
  • FEEL Empowered no matter what?


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Experience the quiet of the north shore, just 12 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee and just a few miles off of Highway I-43 you will find a wonderful healing sanctuary at White Sage Spa within WELL BODY. 




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More About Milwaukee

A Brief Look At Milwaukee, WI

For an intricate understanding of Midwestern United States, one must take time to understand Milwaukee, the largest city in the state of Wisconsin as well as well as one of the largest cities in this part of the U.S. Herein we are going to explore the city in brief read to get you better acquainted with the city.

History Of Milwaukee, WI

The area that is now the Milwaukee city was first inhabited by Ojibwe, Sauk, Fox, Sauk, Menominee, and the Ho-Chunk among other Native American tribes. The first Europeans to pass through the areas covered by the city were French Catholic missionaries and traders. Continued exploration culminated with the first settlement in 1818 by Solomon Juneau, a French-Canadian explorer resulting in the formation of the Juneau town. Juneau town having grown merged with three of its neighboring town in 1846 to form the Milwaukee city. A large influx of immigrants from Germany and Poland in the 1840s and 1850s saw the city grow and expand rapidly, a time when the city steered on a path to being a metropolitan.

Things To Do In Milwaukee

As you can appreciate, the city has enough history to learn. Thus whilst in the city, one of the best endeavors you can indulge in is to explore its history by visiting historical landmarks and museums such as the Harley-Davidson Museum, and the Pabst Mansion.

Additionally, you might also enjoy a visit to the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Annual Events In Milwaukee, Wi

One of the most important annual events for the city is the Summerfest an 11-days music festival with hundreds of acts gracing the stage. Additionally, there are numerous festivals to explore and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the city.

Famous People From Milwaukee, WI The city of Milwaukee has produced its share of famous personalities spanning in a wide variety of fields. They include Bob Uecker, Deidre Hall (Days of Our Lives actor), Andy Hurley (musician and actor), Spencer Tracy (actor), Les Aspin (U.S Sectary of Defense), Steve Avery (NFL player), and many others.