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Join this full day intensive workshop and learn, experience, and transform your own beliefs through the knowledge and language of the emotions tied to each chakra.  We will review each chakra, and the imbalanced and balanced archetype of each. Understand the power of your own emotions and experience personal emotional empowerment and more balance.

Create self-awareness tools and experience practices that we will share as a group and that you can incorporate into your daily life to increase your joy. This will be a dynamic group that will facilitate knowledge, understanding, and transformation through experiential exercises, group coaching, and group story-telling.

If you have an interest please e-mail me at to inquire on next teaching date.

Laws of the Spirit: A transformational journey 

A six week group education and coaching opportunity where you will learn how to integrate universal laws to generate more joy, purpose and abundance in your life, and relationships. The universe operates according to spiritual laws, as real as the law of gravity.  Come explore and experience these laws as you personally apply them to your desires for improvement in all areas: health, wealth, love.  Be ready to go spelunking with Susie through experiential exercises, unearthing limiting beliefs which are keeping you stuck where you are, learning new strategies allowing you to climb and reach your heart's desire.  

September 27-November 1, 5-6:30 Exchange $249.If you have an interest please e-mail me at to inquire on next teaching date.

Space is limited please e-mail me at to reserve your place.