Travel just a few miles north of Fox Point and you will find a wonderful healing sanctuary at White Sage Spa within WELL BODY.


Fox Point A Great Home Away From Home

Looking for a great place to get away from everything? Then you will want to check out Fox Point, WI which is a beautiful suburb town of Milwaukee. However, what you will really like about Fox Point is the friendliness of the people who are in the region. That is because the town, as a suburb, does tend to get quite a few travelers to the region who are looking for something new or even wanting to hit up the shopping center that is located at the edge of town and home to quite a few shops that are unique. 

When you are looking at the town of Fox Point, you will also notice they are going to have a special spot you will like as well. That is because the town is located right on the shores of Lake Michigan. So this will make this a beautiful lake town that you are going to have a chance to explore and be able to see. However, this also makes it easier for you to relax as the waters of Lake Michigan, especially in the summer, make for some great swimming that people are going to enjoy.



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