Catalyst life coaching is a process where you learn to understand and feel your emotions as a gift that allows you to change, grow, and learn to create a life that you desire. You will gain insight into the powerful and positive messages from your emotions. All emotions, even the ones that you perceive to be “bad” i.e. anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, jealousy offer wisdom. Allow me to help you see the gifts that lay hidden beneath your beliefs in a peaceful, supportive, and nurturing environment. Through the coaching process you will understand the revelation of your emotions and how to navigate your life to a place of empowerment and joy.  

Ultimately, my mission is to teach you to coach yourself. Yes, I want to coach you so that you no longer need me, because the power is within you. I will guide you to listen to your emotions and embrace your empowered self.  I will support you in practicing new habits and patterns, which create a catalyst of change, moving you along the path to feeling more joy, freedom, and ease. Your vision of an empowered life creates our coaching roadmap. Start actively taking steps towards where you truly desire. Take my quiz to see if you are ready for a life coach and schedule your 30 minute free discovery session.

As a Catalyst Life Coach, I will provide:

  • A safe confidential environment
  • Guidance with fierce honesty
  • Support without judgment
  • Powerful questions to unlock your gifts
  • Acknowledgment and celebration of your action steps
  • Pure Reiki energy of unconditional love and light

As your Coach I will guide you to:

  • Understand the messages in your emotions
  • Feel, heal, and listen to your inner child
  • Discover and connect to your purpose
  • Navigate road blocks & challenges from an empowered place
  • Learn new patterns of thinking/moving/breathing
  • Create self care practices

Expectations of Client:

  • Desire & intention
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Openness to receive

Are you ready to:

  • Commit to yourself?
  • Release old patterns through Catalyst Life Coaching?
  • Discover tools to create new desires and patterns?
  • Understand the gifts in all your emotions?
  • Attract more of what you desire?
  • FEEL Empowered no matter what?


Travel just a few miles south of Cedarburg and you will find a wonderful healing sanctuary at White Sage Spa within WELL BODY.  You can receive Catalyst Life Coaching to create more balance and refuel your zest for life.  Not sure how Life Coaching works? Schedule a free 30 minute discovery session. White Sage Spa offers workshops, Reiki and skin care services.  Did you know that within the WELL BODY complex we offer other wellness/healing businesses? Trillium Acupuncture, Rosen Wellness, Blue Stone Counseling, Well Body Massage.  Occasionally you will see Susie teaching 'Gentle Yoga' at the Cedarburg Yoga One studio.  In addition to finding the hidden gem of White Sage Spa you can find an array of energizing crystals at the Gem Shop on main street in Cedarburg.  


Areas Served

Milwaukee - Mequon - Cedarburg - Grafton - Fox Point

More about Cedarburg

Three Top Cedarburg Wisconsin Attractions That Travelers Love To Visit

Cedarburg, Wisconsin is a lovely place that you can visit and enjoy so many great attractions and things to do. The city is located by Lake Michigan, so you know you are in for some adventures. It is a very small city, with a population just over 10,000, so be prepared to become one with the outdoors as you check out the various attractions. As a matter of fact, let's virtually visit some of the top attractions in Cedarburg, Wisconsin right now.

Cedar Creek Winery is one of them, and it can be found on Bridge Road. According to reviews, there are plenty of wines to choose from, and you can of course satisfy your taste buds. In other words, enjoy the wine tastings they offer, and if you want a recommendation, some reviewers point to the pinot grigio. What is your favorite type of wine?

Another top attraction in Cedarburg, Wisconsin is the Cedarburg Covered Bridge. This is one of those old covered bridges that are still in some places throughout the country. It is really a historical and rustic gem that should make for a great picture opportunity. It is on Covered Bridge Road, and there is also a park and a creek nearby as well.

You have plans to stop by a winery, and now it is time to stop by a brewery as well. Hey, it is vacation, and you need to enjoy yourself. There is outdoor seating the reviews say, and not only do they serve up great brews but also root beer as well. Those are three great attractions for you to visit as you find your way to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Are you ready to see what else the charming city has to offer its travelers? You just never know what yo are going to find, do you?