5 Steps to take when feeling stuck

I intend to send weekly blogs on observations and life lessons that I have learned
and continue to share with my clients through catalyst life coaching. Through my
blogs, I will share lessons on how to navigate normal human emotions to guide you
to feel grounded when things feel shaky and move you toward more joy and ease.
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For this first blog, I will re-iterate a lesson from the river that I wrote about
recently. So for some of you, this may be a bit like a summer re-run. However, I
have added a few action steps for you to practice as you paddle upstream. I look
forward to sharing the second lesson from the river next week.
A lesson from the river....

I live on the Milwaukee River and I chose to go on my first kayaking trip of the
season, upstream to the dam.  The water is quite high from the rain, the current
looks strong and enticing.  I mentally prepare my body prior to easing into my
boat.  I dip my paddle into the river and say hello to an old friend, marveling at
the river's changing personality with the seasons. 

I’m paddling upstream:  My mind is very focused on each stroke of my paddle,
physically working super hard, feeling my body responding to the will from my
mind, my spirit is delighted to be on the river my senses are heightened by the
force of the spring currents.  A thought flashes through my mind:  “Wow this is
hard to paddle upstream, sort of like life.”  “Sometimes you don’t have a choice
you must paddle upstream to get to your destination.”  Then my higher self-asks
:  “Really is that true?”  I challenge myself when my mind creates these
limiting beliefs.  For example the belief:  “Life is just hard and you have to work
hard to get where you want to go and you don’t have a choice.”  Really is that

I’m in my kayak relishing how alive my body feels to be working physically hard
against the current and I realize.  “No, I always have a choice.  I could have
chosen to go downstream however that would have involved a different choice of
parking a car downstream and hauling my kayak back home.”  I chose to put my
kayak in and paddle upstream.  I delight in the challenge of asking my body to
work against the current and I will savor the ease when I turn my boat
downstream for the return trip.

When life or a project feels hard and overwhelming what can you do?

1. Honor your capacity.
2. Give yourself permission to rest and refuel when you feel fatigued.
3. Ask yourself what is one small next step I can take, and take it!
4. Acknowledge yourself for taking the step. Yes, it is a good practice to pat
your self on the back.
5. Celebrate what you have done and experience the joy.

I celebrated my efforts as I turned the kayak into the flow of the current and
allowed my body to simply rest as I closed my eyes and drank in the sun and
floated with ease. Remember in all situation you too have a choice of “how” you
navigate your journey even when it feels challenging, take a step, and as you see
your vision, down steam, you will move towards it easily.

-Susie Raymond

Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician,

Breath work Teacher