How to navigate life's muck with grace...

In the last few weeks I have been commissioned to hold compassionate space for a number of people in my life going through major trials. As I have been called to hold others at a high level of support I recognize old unhealthy habits.  In putting others before myself I have forgotten about my own needs. Instead of judging the emotions that appear to be negative I recognize them for what they are and allow them to signal a shift.

After spending the morning supporting others I went home feeling stress, anger and frustration. With an afternoon free I decided to dedicate the second half of my day to myself. I committed to spending time outdoors and disconnecting from electronic devices. Moving from one thing to another led me to believe I had everything under control when in reality I had fallen into the chaos of everyone else’s shit and had forgotten to pause.

While re-grounding through spending time outdoors, I finally had a moment to pause and recognize how overwhelming life had been lately. The methodic practice of weeding my garden put me in a meditative place allowing me to take a step back and recognize that although I chose to support others, I must not allow their needs to come before mine.
The insight that I received:  “I’m the only one who knows what it feels like to be going through what I’m going through.  AND I’m the only one who knows what I need to take care of myself right now.”

I noticed that even though I can’t change the circumstances I can change my thought patterns. And when I change my thoughts and turn to actions of self-care my energy begins to replenish. 
Recognizing that you are in a bad place and not taking any self care action to shift your sh*t will leave you in your own pile of crap! 
Remember, you are the only one who chooses your thoughts.

Simple steps to shift your story:

  1. Awareness of emotion:  “What am I feeling?”

  2. Acknowledge the emotion: “I’m feeling angry and helpless.”

  3. Ask yourself what would I rather feel?  “I’d rather feel calm and compassionate.”

  4. What one action/thought can I take to shift from anger and helplessness? “I can stop re-playing the story in my mind that is creating this feeling because it’s keeping me stuck in the anger and helplessness.”  The awareness to stop playing the story over and over in your mind is a big step.   

  5. I can ask myself : “What one action can I take to be more compassionate right now?”

  6. Listen to the answer to the question:  “I will turn off my electronic devices, soothe myself with weeding the garden, and shifting my mind to the present task of pulling the next weed.”

  7. Commit to taking that step and witness how your emotional energy changes.

I invite you to pause right now and think of an area in your life that is causing you stress or discomfort and remember you are the only one who knows what if feels like, and you are the only one with the power to shift it with your own awareness and permission to take a step toward a different feeling.
I would love to hear your story on how you shifted your sh*t through awareness and self care.

Susie Raymond
Emotional Empowerment Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Esthetician, Breath work Teacher